The project aims to promote the territory of Eastern Lombardy focusing on tourism, wine and food which are the three main points marking the territory. In particular, the project creates a network of local entrepreneurs offering bio and niche farm food products, wines and agritourism accommodation. The area is easy to reach from Verona airport and it offers many places to visit such as Garda Lake, Mantova, Valeggio sul Mincio, Sabbioneta.

Garda lake

On the picturesque hills round Lake Garda numerous wine-growing areas are situated.

To explore the wine regions of Lake Garda in all their variety we recommend excursions along the wine routes which, past numerous wine producers, lead you through all the cultivated areas.
The wine and fine food road leads you all along the southern and western lake shore and makes you discover plenty of excellent wine producers.
One of the area where the wine is produced is Valtenesi. The most popular wines are Groppello, Lugana and Chiaretto Rosè. The landscape in this area is classic ‘Garda’ – a rolling landscape of meadows, vineyards and olive groves dotted with cypress trees and lined by beautiful beaches.
Another very typical local product is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Garda DOP typified by taste, appearance and perfume.
No less picturesque are the towns and villages, with their medieval churches and castles.
Fourteen of these are covered by the Valtenesi title: Salò, Roè Volciano, Villanuova sul Clisi, Gavardo, S.Felice del Benaco, Puegnago del Garda, Muscoline, Manerba del Garda, Polpenazze del Garda, Moniga del Garda, Soiano del Lago, Calvagese della Riviera, Padenghe sul Garda and Bedizzole. Taste more!

Wine & Taste

The Gourmet Food and Wine Route of Mantova begins from the Colli Morenici of Mantova – gentle glacial geographical undulations overlooking Lake Garda and traversed by the river Mincio.
One of the most important traditional products is Mostarda mantovana – Mostarda, based on apples or peers is one of the fundamental components of the cooking of Virgil, it is used especially to prepare pumpkin ravioli, or as a side dish for boiled meats, combined with grana padano or parmesan cheese. Moreover, you can find other products such as cheeses -Grana Padano DOP, Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP- or cured meats -Salame Mantovano) and typical dishes to taste (pumpkin tortellini, risotto, pike in sauce, donkey stew, rose’s cake, Helvetia cake, noodle cake).
The local DOC wines are Lambrusco and Merlot. Lambrusco is low in alcohol and sparkling, it should be consumed within a year of production.
These are a fitting complement to the typical Mantuan cooking and food products. Garda DOC Merlot is made only from Merlot grapes and has a ruby red colour.

Tourism & Culture

Mantua is rich of history, place, squares and buildings which witness the Gonzaga’s domination, Dukes of Mantua from 1300 to 1600. Today Mantua preserves the charming of the Virgilan Poetry, the medieval architecture, the beautiful renaissance monuments, th emajesty of the art of the 18th century and the recent past of the Austrian domination. In 2007 Mantova's old town and the closest city of Sabbioneta were been declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. Farmhouses and agritourisms in Mantova is one of the best way to visit the territory and taste the real flavours. Many sites offers several activities and facilities such as fishing, horse riding, bike renting, swimming pools, excursions on Po river and Garda lake. They generally provides you farm products to bring home and / or to eat there. Taste more!